Golden-Key Precision Industry Corp. (to be called Golden-Key hereafter) specializes in the manufacture of blank keys and produces a broad range of different types of blanks all over the world, for automobiles, motor-cycles, household, industrial and business applications.

We meet the requirements for the full range of industrial applications.

Golden-Key offers products manufactured to optimal technical standards, using high-quality materials and we offer a service centred on careful attention to client needs. Quality control is central to our operation and we aim for continuous improvement. Our blank key products meet the international ISO 9001:2000 standard.

In our relations with clients, the aim is to develop a long-term, mutually advantageous business relationship.

OEM ODM are warmly welcomed. Of course we have a duty to keep customer's secret.

We also produce colorfull key, memorial, anniversary and any other fashion key, the key can be practicall using.

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