Quality Assurance
Golden-Key believes that maintaining quality ensures the continuity of an enterprise. We attach great importance to quality. In 2004 we obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certificate. Our policy is, ��Quality first, excellent service and continuous improvement��. Optimised and standardized processes allow us to offer outstanding products to our clients at competitive prices. We offer excellent service on quality, respect for delivery times and after-sales service, aiming to earn the trust of clients and long-term customer satisfaction.

Golden-Key insists on using fine "Brass" as the basic material, attaching high importance to its element, hardness, tension strength, elongation of the surface, as well as its stretch quality and resistance to twisting, In this way, we can be sure of producing precise, correct and reliable keys that fit perfectly, eliminating any possibility of damage to the lock.

Surface treatment of the key is crucial, because it affects the density; the lustre and the adherence of the plating to the key are all important factors. For that reason, Golden-Key dedicates particular care in the manufacturing process to electroplating of blank keys, in order to ensure a stable quality and a superior end product.

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